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For small and mid-sized / starting innovative businesses

Mr Ruhaak is specialised in clarifying intellectual property rights to small and mid-sized / starting innovative businesses. Especially these companies often lack a profound legal knowledge to define, protect and understand how exactly to exploit their newly created intellectual property rights.


available services

  • R&D / joint development agreements - are you sure your know how is well protected?
  • Knowledge improvement: IP protection and limitation of your liability
  • Non disclosure agreement: how to proof afterwards exactly your disclosures?
  • How to license your technology - are you aware of the ins and outs?
  • How to set up a consortium to jointly develop a business standard, taking into account all members' IPR?

All services are offered either against fixed hours/prices or at a one time fee for the whole project

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about Ruhaak Legal Services

  • Ruhaak Legal Services B.V. is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 63311356/ ingeschreven in het Handelsregister met KvK-nummer 63311356 .

    Ruhaak Legal Services formerly known as Ruhaak & Partners Intellectual Property Consulting was founded to supply legal consult on intellectual property rights and perform interim projects in close relation with several partners.

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